October 2, 2006

Roohafza Lime Juice

Summer Time!! Juice Time!!!

Roohafza is one of my favorite drink. During summer, Mom used to often make this drink for us in our childhood. Roohafza is a blend of citrus fruits, rose petal and herbal cooling ingredients in sugar syrup. This is made following the Unani medicine princples. It is also called the rose syrup. This can be used over toping for ice cream, over dessert or can be added to plain cold water as a natural herbal cool drink. This is a common and famous drink in Hyderabad.

Take a glass, add about 1/4 cup of roohafza syrup, To this squeeze half lime/lemon juice and add water. Stir it till the syrup dissolves in water. Adjust the sugar and lime level. If you need some more sugar syrup you can add it. Now it is ready to drink.

Note: You can substitute sugar with this "Roohafza" flavored rose sugar syrup to any drink.